Small Satisfaction

I have a much younger friend who is always complaining that she cannot get any satisfaction because her boyfriend’s dick is too small.


It is unlikely that her boyfriend has such a small dick that he cannot give her any satisfaction. In fact, I think that both of them are very inexperienced when it comes to sex, and that is really what is behind the problem. From working at, I have learned that most young couples, and older ones, find it hard to talk about sex. Experience in all walks of life are important, and perhaps that is why mature London escorts have become so popular.


When I first joined London escorts, all of the girls at London escorts were kind of young. A lot of that has since changed and gents these days, like to date more mature London escorts. My boss would like to have more mature ladies working for him as London escorts but it is not easy to recruit more mature girls. The thing with more mature ladies is that they have much more successful dates and so many gents prefer to hang out with them.


Younger London escorts tend to be a little bit more dramatic and even go over the top when it comes to certain things. My young girlfriend really proves the point to be honest. She goes way up in the air about things like her boyfriend’s small dick, until she calms down again. I don’t blame her, I used to be the same thing, but I can imagine a lot of gents at London escorts, not enjoying dates with girls like her. They want to have a good time in relaxing company.


Since I have been with London escorts, I have seen a huge change when it comes to the kind of gent who likes to date London escorts. When I first started working for London escorts, it was only guys who were a bit “ hooky” who used to enjoy dating escorts in London. That has changed, and now a lot more sophisticated gents tend to use their local London escorts service as kind of a companionship service. It is not really what most people would expect, but it is true. I think that it is a reflection of society in general, and in the future, we will see a lot more of this when it comes to relationships between men and women.


Companionship is hard to find these days, and I am not sure that we know where it is all going to end up. Most of us are really busy working these days, and friendship has kind of ended up on the back shelf. We really don’t have that much time for each other anymore. That is certainly one of the reasons a lot of gents like to date London escorts. After a long working week, it is a pleasure to just be able to enjoy some female company, and I am sure that we will see more and more mature gents, enjoy the company of escorts in London.

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