Convincing a Kent escort that you have good intentions to her is not easy

I have good intentions to my Kent escort of, but she would not trust me at all. I have been dating this hot and gorgeous Kent escort who’s name I shall not mention. I meet her about a few months ago when I book a Kent escort to celebrate my new job. I did not expect how beautiful she is in person; I immediately fell in love with her when I found out that she was an incredibly kind you man being. We had a good time together, so I asked her to go on a proper date with me. Even though she told me that it was not a good idea I persuaded her to go through with it. During our following periods, she and I had a great time. But when I asked her in she is interested in being in a relationship with me, I was surprised at what she said. She told me that she is not excited to go in contact with me because she was not sure of my intentions of her. I thought that she already trusted me about I was wrong. I did not know why she would feel sorry for me because all I ever did when I was with her is to be kind and gentle with her. I realized that she already had many guys told the same thing that I was saying and she is sick of it. When I asked her about her past relationship, she told me that her recent relationship was a complete mess. The guys that she had dated in the past often lie to her ever time, she was easily fooled by guys in the past, but now she is determined to change. After hearing her story, I understand her reaction about me, and I was not upset by her rejection anymore. I told her that I was willing to be patient with her if she would give me a chance. Thankfully after a while, I finally gained her trust. Being with her makes my life so much easier. She is the kind of girl that is very genuine and kind, that is why I always want her to be by my side at all times. I gave her the freedom to continue her job as an escort because I do not want to stop her career because of me. Even though I am not comfortable with her sleeping with other guys, I love her so much that I was confident that I would be okay with it. It was a great relief that she told me that she was willing to stop her job if I could provide for her and that is what I did. Now we live an enjoyable life together.

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